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I'm a Yahoo! groupie. At least I was. I had been active on E-groups when Yahoo! acquired them, and remained active, especially since Yahoo! had acquired my webmail host, Rocketmail. I joined quite a few groups, many quite esoteric, with few posts a week, or even a month. Then, around 2002, Yahoo! seemed to give up on groups, and the interface for checking your groups on the web became so clunky I almost never used it. Now I see that something called Grouply -- -- has built its own front end to Yahoo! and Google Groups, making them fun again. By the way, it looks an aweful lot like Ning, and Ning networks, which used to be free but aren't any more, are moving over there. That's how I found it. Now I was a big fan of Ning when they started out, but not any more, and I think I will be moving my own small network in a day or two. One thing I like is that it reminds me just a little of Delphi Forums, where I started two or three back in '97 or so. It seems a bit homier than MySpace and Facebook, social networking for the rest of us. I suggest you take a look, and, if you join, I invite you to friend me there.


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