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So. Here I am on a new service. Why? When I read about Dreamwidth standing up to Google for freedom of expression I was on my LJ Friends' page bitching to myself about how all those ads were messing with my ability to scroll down smoothly. This is LJ the way it used to be, before the Russians took over. No ads. Either you paid or you were invited.

I never wanted to go on LJ anyway. I had a 'blog on Blogger (before Google) for myself and for a community I was part of, a member of which had us migrate to LJ, which was marginally more user-friendly...

I was annoyed by the heavyhanded purging of suspected paedophiles, which reminded me of what AoL did in the old days, and of tribe's TOS tussles (unless they happened later). I liked the idea of Ning, but was depressed by their capitulation to the Google censors.

Now I would probably never have visited any of the censored content, but the Innernetz supposed to be about freedom. And we need more of that in this world, not less.

Ennyhoo, here I am. Former NYC Board of Ed teacher (adult literacy), former international banker (tech writer, business analyst and stuff), poet, philosopher, the sort of a paleocon who doesn't hate Mexicans, and calls himself a libertarian monarchist.

Known as "arisbe" on Facebook and Twitter.

friended you via liv's meme

Date: 2010-03-24 06:38 pm (UTC)
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hi there, I friended you via liv's meme, and yes, when I too read about DW's stance on things, and how they stood up to google, I was thrilled. I am beginning to think that it's high time I moved on too, at least posting wise..


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