Dec. 10th, 2008

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It's been a while.

For more pretentious remarks, check the blog at . This LJ can also be reached at And you can join my ZenZuu network at . Yes, I am going apesh*t with subdomains. I should probably set one up for my Facebook. And my MySpace, if that phrase is not redundant. And even if it is.

A month or so back I consolidated my domain registration and forwarding services, which had somehow become separated, and gained a subdomain functionality I never had before (for much less than I was paying, by the way).

First thing I did was set up my affiliate pages, first for my Clickbank publications, such as , then for products like internet calling from your cell phone ( ) -- boy, is that ugly -- is it my browser? Anyway, there's also health stuff like human growth hormone precursor ( ) and green lipped mussel extract for arthritis and even asthma ( ) and herbal remedies in general ( ). And pheromone spray, of course, with a business type approach ( ) and what I consider a tackier approach, though probably a more advanced formula ( ). And, while we are on the subject of smells, there's always .

Not that I want you to buy any of this stuff. We don't do ads on LiveJournal. Just to see what I have been up to. Of course if you really want to make me rich in time for Christmas, I can't stop you, can I?

Meanwhile I keep getting ads for more and more hypnosis downloads, and I have discussed these at greater length at , which is on a wiki somewhere on Poland. Though I might migrate the site to Ning.

Bless you all. Time to do some wash.


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